I’m a pleasure-seeker by nature. I can’t help but spoil myself in the little ways every day. You’ll often find me in the window seat at a café, sipping a cappuccino and reading a good book; or on the terrace of a waterfront restaurant, enjoying oysters and champagne. On a lazy Sunday morning, my cat decides what time we get out of bed.

I love the simple pleasure of sharing good food and wine with others. Some of my favorite dates have featured long conversations over a nice steak or some fresh fish. If food isn’t your indulgence of choice, I’ll happily accompany you for a spa day, wine tasting trip, or night out dancing.

I never expect gifts, but I’ll always appreciate a bottle of champagne, a bouquet of camellias, or a selection of your favorite books. I’ve also come to accept my minor obsession with sparkly heels, so feel free to feed my addiction.

Intrigued? I’d like to learn more about you, too. Book a date, and let’s get to know each other.

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