Vibrant, Vivacious Vivienne

Hello and welcome. I’m Vivienne, and I’m glad you found me. It is my pleasure to invite you to strip off the facade you wear in front of everyone else and slip into something more comfortable: you, as you are. I offer you light-hearted, easygoing companionship in a judgment-free space, so you can let your genuine personality shine. You keep so much of yourself strapped down so you can fit the mold. Let’s unbuckle our restraint and play freely.

The sparkle of mischief in my eyes will excite you, and my vibrant energy and charming wit will keep you entertained whether we’re meeting for an hour or a weekend. Regardless of how much time we spend together, I hope to stay on your mind long after we've parted. Remember me for my petite curves in that cocktail dress, for my sweet smile that turns just a bit devilish, or simply for my warmth, liveliness, and sincerity.

Laughter is my lifeblood, and I take my sense of humor with me everywhere I go. I welcome your snickers, giggles, chortles, and guffaws—don’t hold in your sounds of pleasure. I jump at the chance to engage deeply with your intellectual callings, but our conversations don't need to be intellectual to be engaging and deep. Tell me about your passions—I want to know you. I delight in learning all the things that get you going.





32C - 24 - 33

Shoe Size

6 US






Japanese/ Caucasian, US-born

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